Symbolism of Stingrays in Indigenous Culture

Symbolism of Stingrays in Indigenous Culture

Stingrays symbolise knowledge of the law beneath the top surface of the earth.

The stingrays are significant leaders who have strong power and knowledge of their country. They know of its deep qualities and what is beneath the surface of the land.

This Incredible indigenous hand carved, hand painted and unique Stingray designed bowl is made from Tasmanian Huon Pine.

Huon Pine.It is a slow-growing, but long-lived tree; some living specimens of this tree are in excess of 2000 years old. It grows to 10 to 20 m tall, exceptionally reaching 30 m, with arching branches. Used originally in ship building given its high oil content and resistance to rot.

This this amazing piece by clicking the link below.


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