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Online Antique Store

Welcome to our fully online store based in Castle Hill, Sydney. We want you to have the best experience and believe that lasting timeless quality and simple sophistication can be found in vintage and antique pieces.

At hillsvintage we strive for value with fantastic pieces that we source mainly from local surrounds but available internationally. We take the time to find and check pieces for quality ensuring that you have the best available. We work to ensure integrity and honesty are the drivers of our service to you and that is our core belief.

In this fast paced disposable world, lasting and timeless quality is a thing our grandparents cherished. Let's be honest we all want quality but given the explosion of products thrust upon us in today's world we just can't reach that happy medium anymore. 

The way of the future is use and re-use. At hillsvintage our mission is to make available timeless quality and simple sophistication to enhance our lives with practical things that help us now and into the future.

Live the dream at hillsvintage where our past is our future.