The Influence of Josiah Wedgewood

The Influence of Josiah Wedgewood

Josiah Wedgewood emerged in the early part of the 18th century as a giant among European potters. His influence was so powerful and his personality dominant that all other English potters worked on the principles he laid down.

Some of the unique pieces produced include the renown jasperware which came in six basic colours of black, green, blue, dark blue, lilac and yellow. Other styles that he and Wedgewood made were black basalt stoneware. Also creamware which had a superior quality like no other.

Wedgewood continue to operate today and are still a major influence in the ceramics world. More recent examples in the 20th Century include Wedgewood Clio Porcelain. This card set Duo is exquisitely crafted with a floral pattern.


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