History of English Porcelain

History of English Porcelain

England was not the first European country to manufacture porcelain. The factories of Bow and Chelsea can claim to be the first makers to manufacture porcelain in England at about 1750. 

Porcelain or China as it is commonly called is made from raw materials including kaolinite by heating the clay at between at 1200 degrees Celsius to about 1400 degrees to produce a translucent white ceramic. Often animal bone ash was added for strength making it bone china. 

By the turn of the twentieth century there were many factories producing porcelain. Every day tableware were commonly produced for a mass market. Stoke on Trent is one example residing in the county of Staffordshire. 

Some examples of fine porcelain tableware include

Tea and Coffee Sets;




Hillsvintage.com has many xamples of porcelain from England. 







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